A couple of years ago, Dreamhost tried "stealing" my site (during some routine server maintenance, most of my site ended up getting owned by root). When they realized that plot was easily foiled by their own support staff, they decided that more drastic measures were required. The site had to be taken down. They cleverly moved my site to a different server. My setup was a bit fragile, and that slight perturbation was enough to set the whole site on fire.

Good. I was using an old version of Django, and resented I updating my site. Let it burn. From its ashes will arise an even greater site. I present to you... lsite! Well, it is still bradjensen.net, but "lsite" was the codename I used for this rewrite. "But Brad, why did you call it lsite?" Good question! Naturally, a codename would be no good if you could figure out what was a codename for! However, I am not good at coming up with codenames. The "l" is for "Lisp", and the "site" is for "site"! As I was learning Common Lisp, I started dreaming up a web framework that would be better than Django. When I found the smoldering ruins of my old site, I knew it was time to create my web framework.

As you can see, lsite is completely functional. Unfortunately, it is still pretty ugly. I'm working on migrating the old content over. I'd also like to put the old site into some sort of read-only archive. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do that at the moment. Something to look into, I suppose.

While I get everything up and running, how about you sit back and enjoy the soothing green tones of lsite.